The Marjo Plastics Company Inc. logoMarjo Designs, Manufactures, and delivers custom tracking solutions that makes a great first impression everytime.
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Offering your choice
of mounting types,

MARJO Date Tags are
designed to precisely
fit your needs. They...

  • Make a clear impression
  • Promote rapid changeover
  • Are presorted and packaged
  • Require no changes in coding

Backed by our unrivaled on-demand or regularly-scheduled service, MARJO is guaranteed to make a great impression every time. Ask us about our three tag types, and how we can design a custom solution for you today!

Here's how they work:

USA Tage Example
1. Pattern

Pre-sorted tag ready for pattern. Simply pull out and mount.

USA Tage Example
2. Sand

Tag draws out with pattern, leaving crisp, legible characters.

USA Tage Example
3. Casting

Consistently clear, legible characters mean lower scrap rates.