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Case Study 01

The only place that a customer could mount a tag required an angle of at least 45 degrees. However, their standard tag had characters that were 35-degrees per side, and this created a trap. When the tag drew off the pattern, smudged dates were a common result.

Marjo Solution:

We made them new tags that have a 47-degree draft on the characters. When this new tag is pulled off, it leaves a clear, sharp impression every time.

Case Study 02

One foundry did not want to use date tags with hold-down screws to identify their castings by shift.

Marjo Solution:

We created a tag with a dot under each character. This allows the client to track parts by date and shift simply by trimming off one dot after each shift.

Case Study 03

Green Sand was sticking to the bottom of one client’s sharp-faced gothic characters on their recessed date tags. This caused unreadable dates that could not be tracked.

Marjo Solution:

We developed a new, shallower character with the same base size. The new character has a bold face rather than a sharp-faced gothic one. This alteration allowed the sand to completely pull off. The result? Consistently crisp characters and a greatly reduced scrap rate.

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